Danger Beyond Intrigue is an extraordinarily well-written.

Danger Beyond Intrigue is an extraordinarily well-written, meticulously detailed, gloriously descriptive and intriguing story of international drug trafficking. Drug warlords and their most trusted cadre are pursued by a Crisis Response Team aimed at their destruction. Set amidst the Vietnam War in the 1960’s, Valdez takes us into the Asian drug market from the tribal villages of Southeast Asia to Yakuza leaders and the streets of Tokyo. The strength of the book and a reflection on the author’s own personal life and professional experience as a drug abuse counselor and trauma specialist, are the way he describes the personalities of and interpersonal relations among the many characters in the book. Their human emotions are displayed from the erotica to sorrow; passionate lovemaking to extreme violence unlike any book I have ever read and that no book could match. This book deserves due acclaim and if given should be a best seller. Lastly, the book is written in a way that could easily be made into a screenplay. Taking the best from the movies Apocalypse Now, Basic Instinct and Mission Impossible one can get a sense of what a blockbuster movie Danger Beyond Intrigue would be and the story is closer to reality than fiction.

Robert Stuart Yoder, Ph.D. Tokyo, Japan